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About Us

Cannatural is a UK supplier of the finest cannabidiol (CBD), hemp and cannabis products, bringing you some of the most exciting brands from around the world

Cannatural believe in the power of hemp and through our product range, aim to raise awareness of this mis-understood plant and the wide range of uses it can have in our daily lives. With a particular focus on wellness, we bring you a diverse range of natural, organic and vegan products that are kind to the earth and kind to us.

We offer a range of CBD Oil, hemp and cannabis based products for Health and Wellness, Skin Care, Food and Nutrition, and Aromatherapy. They are lovingly created by brands from the USA, Europe and UK, currently including Sisters of the Valley, CBD BrothersEndocaPura Vida CBD, Hempen and Kushed.

All of our products are ethically sourced, organically grown and traceable from ‘seed to shelf’. They are third party laboratory tested to ensure accuracy, safety and quality.

We believe that, in nature we can find everything necessary to maintain a healthy mind and healthy body; and that by using the natural produce of our planet – a healthy soul too.

Wellness for mind, body & soul.

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Hemp CBD Aims

Our aims

Our primary aim is to supply naturally derived products that promote health and wellness, with a particular focus on cannabinoids, extracted from cannabis and hemp.

Cannatural also aim to raise awareness of the characteristics of cannabis and hemp, and the benefits it can bring to our overall wellbeing. Whether being used as a dietary supplement, for skin care, body care, food, nutrition or even aromatherapy, its uses are seemingly endless.

One of our objectives as a business is to provide transparency through all stages of the buying process, from the moment you first visit our website, right through to delivery of your order and aftercare.

Our brands

A lot of research has gone into careful selection of the brands we feature, to ensure their business ethics align with our own, but more importantly that their products are of the finest and purest quality.

Cannatural have selected a small range of exciting brands from across the world, who specialise in natural and organic products that help to maintain a healthy body and mind.

We plan on adding to our brands and products as more innovative products using cannabinoids become available. We are still only scratching the surface with our understanding of cannabis and hemp. As more research is undertaken, further knowledge will be gained, resulting in a wider range of even more effective products.

Hemp CBD Brands
Hemp CBD World

Our world

Nature is the primary source of the products we sell, so Cannatural would like to do all it can to protect the environment and reduce harm to it.

Cannatural endeavour to take an environmentally minded approach to all operations of the business and actively reduce the implications of the business on our planet.

We wish to follow this philosophy throughout the company; from the sourcing and creation of products, right through to packaging and delivery to your door. Wherever we can make a difference we will try our utmost to do so.

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