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Canavape UK

The Canavape CBD vaping brand – originally established in 2014 – is characterised by exceptional THC-free liquids that stand apart through an extraordinary range of flavours and maximum strength CBD; high quality ingredients; and expert, trusted science and manufacturing processes.

Founder Ben Walker has over eight years’ experience both in creating liquids and hardware for the CBD vaping industry, and in running a successful, independent and highly innovational vaping business that pioneered the industry within Europe.

Canavape was the first CBD vaping brand on the market in Europe. The brand quickly picked up super-fans who returned time and again for our stand-out strength and flavours.

All of our products contain registered pharmaceutical-grade CBD, as formulated by our chemists and their deep scientific and regulatory knowledge and experience.

Canavape has made a name as a pioneer. Not only were we the first brand on the scene, but we were the first to combine cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and terpenes into one product. We will continue to innovate as we grow, led by our PHD-level chemists in our dedicated laboratories.

Since Canavape’s launch 8 years ago, we have grown a strong and loyal fanbase who love us for our products. That’s why we’re not changing our best sellers. They are all still available, and just as good as they always were.

“So strong, it ought to be sold in a pharmacy”

  • Europe’s Original CBD Vaping Brand
  • Pharmaceutical Grade & Maximum Strength CBD
  • Always Innovating
  • Same Flavours, Same Strength, New Formulations
  • Loved Since 2014

Why Canavape?

What makes Canavape CBD e liquids and extracts so special?

Premium Ingredients

Ultra premium, highest quality CBD available, supplied by UK pharmaceutical co. No cheap ingredients, no mass third party manufacturing. Safeguarding customers’ health and wellbeing.

Premium Processes

Propriety manufacturing and purifying process taking out all lipids and wax, guaranteed. Means all our products are better for health, better for taste, are cleaner for vaping devices.

Premium Packaging

All of our products are delivered in UV protective glass bottles, ensuring our high quality products keep their colour, flavour and strength for longer.

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