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The Great British CBD Consumer Survey 2021

As a member of the British Hemp Alliance (BHA) and big advocate of full spectrum products, we are inviting you to complete the Great British CBD Consumer Survey 2021 created by the BHA, which takes around a minute to complete.

Start the survey – https://ijl3o2abdqz.typeform.com/to/pBfB5i1f

With impending Novel Foods regulations coming in to play across the UK, there is increasing concern that full spectrum products (containing trace amounts of THC) are under threat and could be removed from sale, or at very least subject to additional regulation.

Full spectrum products benefit from something knows as the ‘entourage effect’ where cannabinoids work together to produce a greater efficacy and therefore generally speaking, more effective results. Although full spectrum products are harder to regulate due to their complex nature, this is something isolate and synthetic based products cannot offer.

There are also concerns that synthetic cannabinoids are being used in CBD products, with no current requirement to state this on product labelling to differentiate it from natural, whole plant products. This means consumers could be buying synthetic products without their knowledge!

The BHA have recently met with the Home Office to discuss the limits of THC allowed in full spectrum CBD products. The survey will be used to provide information to the Home Office, as well as the FSA (Food standards Authority) and ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) to showcase consumer preference in the CBD industry.

If you benefit from whole plant / full spectrum products and would like to support BHA in their efforts to save whole plant products, please take a moment to complete the short survey. Not only will this help the appropriate organisations to gather a better understanding of the desires of CBD consumers, it will also help the companies who work in the full spectrum space, many of which started very small and have helped grow the industry to where it is today.

Under current plans these companies could be the worst affected by Novel Foods regulations. More importantly, CBD consumers could be purchasing synthetic based products, that are typically less effective, without even knowing it.

Please feel free to share and invite friends / family who benefit from using full spectrum products!

Click here to begin the survey…


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