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Natural, Organic CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Products

Shop organically grown, ethically sourced CBD oil and hemp oil. Enjoy the benefits of cannabis and hemp extracts without ingesting any impurities or additives.

Choose from CBD oil products containing varying levels of CBD to suit your specific needs or health goals. We offer a wide range of CBD oils known to help bring better health and wellness to your mind, body, and soul.

Cannabis-Based Extracts with High CBD Content

If you are searching for CBD products with higher concentrations of cannabinoids, our cannabis-based extracts provide the perfect solution.
These products use extracts from hemp and cannabis plants grown in carefully controlled environments to boost CBD concentrations. The extract is then diluted in pure, organic carrier oil, such as hemp seed or coconut oil.

With Indica based CBD oil, you can receive higher concentrations of cannabinoids such as CBD, allowing you to harness even more of the therapeutic benefits of the extracts. These products are known for their relaxing effects and are typically used later in the day, or at evening time.

Sativa based CBD oil can have lower concentrations of cannabinoids, including CBD, mainly due to growing conditions. It tends to be more energizing than Indica based oils and is often used during the day, when you are typically more active.

We also offer several hybrid products containing a blend of Indica and Sativa. Hybrid based CBD oil provides a good balance of both, and is often a good starting point for this reason.

Raw Hemp Oil Drops Contain Beneficial Nutrients

Raw CBD oil drops provide lower concentrations of CBD, but much higher concentrations of CBDa. These products rely on cold filtration and CO2 extraction processes to remove plant waxes and extract the beneficial molecules without heat. You receive a clean, natural hemp product with an abundance of CBDa.

Raw hemp is a powerful nutritional supplement, providing the body with antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids, as well as the most highly recommended 1:3 ratio of Omega 3s and 6s. Those on a raw food diet may benefit from the extra nutrients these oils provide.

Supplement Your Health with CBD Oil

At Cannatural, our hemp and cannabis extracts come from the leading brands in the UK, Europe, and the USA. The hemp and cannabis is organically grown without use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. When you purchase these products, you know that you are receiving safe, natural supplements from well established and trusted sources.

Browse and buy CBD oil online today for a healthier tomorrow.

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